It’s May of 2013, I have just graduated with two B.S. degrees from the University of Findlay, and Sam graduated with two B.S. degrees from the University of Toledo. Both eager to begin what lies ahead, three more years to obtain our Doctorates in Physical Therapy (DPT), before being set free into the world of rehabilitation. During the 1st year of PT school you get the privilege to bury yourself in your books and spend your weekends at 3am stuck in the cadaver labs to make sure you know human anatomy before your practical. The year comes and goes and now its time for my first clinical rotation in Chicago, IL.

I start off in a teaching hospital learning wound care and respiratory care for trauma patients (most DPTs never get this experience in their entire career). 10 weeks later back in class- learning all things orthopedics and neuromuscular prior to the year end and back into the clinical realm. This time, I drove to Dallas, TX with my brother (yes, twin) (yes, also DPT). Spent 3 months rehabbing shoulder and neck injuries from all the local golfers, and hip and knee pains from the  locals and even the Dallas Cowboys. Summer rotation comes to an end and now I am on a flight to Honduras to provide care to anyone and everyone in need for the next ten days. I remember getting off the transportation van and within 5 minutes a few students and I were building a wheelchair from a broken fence across the street. The next week and a half our team had treated over 100 patients and returned to the U.S. with no shoes on our feet and our suitcases emptied.

Third year comes and goes and so does the next two 10-week clinical rotations prior to obtaining licensure. This time, Sam and I went together. We had a rotation at the Cleveland Clinic working with the neurodegenerative patients, followed by private practice clinics in Dayton, OH where I focused on performance and power athletes and Sam continued with the neuro population.

Flash forward several months of rigorous studying and nervousness in preparation for the board exam, and now we are licensed physical therapist and packing our cars to drive 22 hours to New Mexico as we began our career as traveling physical therapist. 7 Months and 2 contracts  in NM later, we pack our bags and head out to Northern California to discover the Redlands are beautiful, but the rain was not for us. 3 very wet and cloudy months later, we pack our bags and head down to sunny SoCal and begin working in Palm Desert, CA.

Dr. Sam and I are now working in clinics to realize that the care provided is simply not for the patients benefit and terribly outdated. Aides performed interventions while having zero training in what was being performed and often providing skilled intervention in a very unsafe manner. Patients would see numerous therapist for the same case, or even multiple therapist treating different regions simultaneously.

We decided right then and there, that this level of care was unacceptable and began our own private practice.

Rosi Physiotherapy aims to provide high quality care so that you can get back to what you love as fast as possible. While other clinics goals are to keep you coming back week after week, we educate you to self manage your symptoms when you can, and only come see us when you cannot.

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