Now we all know there are at least two sides to every story. So here it is, my side of how Rosi Physiotherapy came to be. Let me take you back just a little bit to graduation at the University of Findlay in Findlay, Ohio. Dr. Brandon and I were probably the only 2 out of 35 Doctor of Physical Therapist graduates that knew exactly what came next in our lives. We had decided long ago that that cold, negative twenty degree winters of Ohio were not in our future. Prior to walking on stage and receiving our degrees we had already interviewed for positions to work in New Mexico and had a job alined. So we each packed a suitcase of clothes, one coat, one travel sized dog and filled our cars to drive 1600 miles to our first real PT positions.

Being a traveling health care professional does have it’s perks, but it also has its lows. You literally pick up your life and move every 3 months to a town you don’t know and have no friends or family to support you. Every place you go has a new experience and I don’t want to bore you with each of our new experiences but i can say with certainty there were good things about each place, but also bad.

Palm Desert, CA

So lets jump ahead to March 2017. On a whim, literally two days of discussion, we decide to move to Palm Desert CA. In less than 48 hours of being in a trailer park, yes a trailer park (thats a long story), in Palm Desert Dr. Brandon decides this is where he wants to set some roots and live permanently! I have to say the sun, palm trees and mountains grew on me as well, just not that quickly. So that was how Palm Desert was chosen.

Cash Based Physical Therapy

Why a cash only private practice? Well one benefit of being a traveling PT is that you get to see how healthcare works across the nation. We have noticed a couple of things along the way.

  1. The eastern united states is more forward thinking and proactive with healthcare.
  2. PT practices that only accept insurance really push it’s therapist to use extra, unnecessary interventions in order to bill the insurance more and make more money.
  3. Cash practices provide the best care  because there is no incentive to do anything other than exactly what will help your patient.

I can ramble all day about why insurance practices are only looking to make money off of you, but I will save your eyes the agony of looking at the screen. What I can tell you is that I did not become a Physical Therapist to make money, I became a Doctor of Physical Therapy to help people. I grew tired of being told that I need to pass my patient’s off to assistants or aides, give them things that weren’t necessary and bill them for services provided by untrained personnel in order for someone else’s clinic to thrive.

So there it was, the idea to start our own cash based practice in which services are ONLY PROVIDED BY DOCTORS OF PHYSICAL THERAPY. Our goal is to use our high level of education and our eastern united states research based approach to provide our patients with nothing but EXCEPTIONAL CARE.

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