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What to expect on my first day of physical therapy?

You will fill out new patient paperwork. This paperwork gives the Doctor of Physical Therapy an overview of your medical history so you get the best treatment.

A Doctor of Physical Therapy will begin with an evaluation. This can take anywhere from 10 -30 minutes depending on your medical history and current problem.

Rosi Physiotherapy will educate you about your injury. You need to know what is going on with your body. Our Doctors of Physical Therapy take time to sit with you to explain what is wrong, so ask questions!

Treatment begins DAY 1! You will get a full treatment on your first day of therapy! This defines us from other practices. Don’t let that whole first day go to waste!

We will schedule future appointments after the initial evaluation. The Doctor of Physical Therapy decides the number of treatments that you need to be at your best.

The Doctor of Physical Therapy will spend about 60-90 minutes with you on your first day of therapy. As promised, a session will never be less than 60 minutes.