The answer, long or short is YES. As with all things CrossFit can be unsafe if performed incorrectly, but so can any activity. Whether you are new to CrossFit or training for the CF Games, you will most likely get hurt. The key to your success is how you deal with your injury. Even people who are competing in the CrossFit games get hurt at times. Doctors of Physical Therapy are fixing their injuries and getting them back to the competition. Physical Therapy Doctors are highly trained to examine and correct any pain or muscle imbalances that keep you out of the gym.

CrossFit Coaches

CrossFit coaches are trained to instruct high intensity interval training (HIIT) programs to get you stronger and move better. To be able to coach CrossFit (CF- level 1) you must attended a two day course. This course has no prerequisites for an understanding of anatomy, fitness, or proper exercise technique. Now I am not trying to put down your CrossFit coach. They often have more training than a standard personal trainer, which does not even require a certification.

Unfortunately, many people wait too long to see their Physical Therapist. What started out as a simple injury turns into muscle damage. When the muscle damage occurs, your body cannot move the way it should. You will start changing the way you are moving, which causes more damage to occur. Stop this cycle before it begins!


Physical Therapy in the CrossFit gym

The point to be made is that when an injury occurs, the best thing to do is see a Doctor of Physical Therapy that has a background with athletes right away! Your Doctor of Physical Therapy will perform a formal assessment, then design a plan of care to reduce pain and correct muscle imbalances that remain.

So the next time someone is ranting that CrossFit is bad for you, head to the gym and enjoy your workout.

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