One of the best ways to care for your body is regular physical activity. We all know that exercise is good for our heart, lungs and muscles. Did you know that exercise is also good for your brain? I promise, it’s true! Medical research has found that regular physical activity has benefits on both mood and cognitive functions of the brain.


Ever hear of that “runner’s high”? Aerobic exercises, like running, walking, and biking enhance mood by allowing the release of chemicals in the brain. Depression and poor self esteem are easily improved by exercise! Many research studies show that exercises is effective treatment for depression. Read about early exercise to help Parkinson’s Disease related depression. Walking outside will not only improve mood, but also attention span. The changing environment stimulates various parts of the brain at the same time. So enjoy the beautiful landscaping of your neighborhood, but keep an eye out for cars or dogs! I know this is extra challenging during the desert summers, so take advantage of the wonderful winter weather and get outside!

Having a hard time remembering things? I lose my keys and my phone at least once a week! Well ditch the keys and phone, get in the swimming pool. Physical activity can also improve memory. Group classes like water aerobics, Tai Chi and Zumba force your brain to use higher functioning skills. We must process the information that the instructor is saying to follow and participate in group classes, which again requires higher brain cognitive functions. Get involved in group activities and keep going regularly!

A Physical Therapist is the medical expert of physical fitness. Rosi Physiotherapy’s Doctors of Physical Therapy not only treat and correct pain, but also provide exercise prescriptions in order to keep you healthy and safe at the same time! Get a Wellness Program today!

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