LSVT stands for Lee Silverman Voice Treatment. It was at the Lee Silverman Center for Parkinson’s Disease in Scottsdale AZ in 1987 that the speech therapy LSVT LOUD® program was first created. Multiple research studies have shown LSVT LOUD® effectiveness on patients with Parkinson’s Disease. It was from this proven continuous success that LSVT BIG® was created.

LSVT BIG® is an intensive exercise program for the body. Research has documented improvements in balance, trunk rotation, activities of daily living, faster walking and bigger steps on individuals with Parkinson’s Disease that have completed the LSVT BIG® program.

The LSVT BIG® protocol is 16 treatment sessions occurring 4 consecutive days a week over 4 weeks. A Certified LSVT BIG® occupational or physical therapist will provide every treatment session. All treatments last must one hour. If someone offers you LSVT BIG® treatment during a 45 minute session, don’t take it, this is not LSVT BIG®. You not only have to do therapy 4 days in a row, but you also have homework of exercises to do everyday on your own time. The program is not easy to complete, you must be very committed to getting healthier!

Don’t ever think you wouldn’t benefit from LSVT BIG®! Parts of the treatment are designed for your specific problems. If you are having trouble getting out of bed, we work on that. If you have trouble going to the movies, we work on that! You can do the exercises standing, sitting or lying down whichever is most challenging, but also safe. The certified LSVT BIG® clinician can also make changes for any preexisting conditions such as low back pain, shoulder pain or balance issues. You will never feel pain when doing the LSVT BIG® exercises. If you are thinking this is going to be too easy, don’t! I promise you that our Doctors of Physical Therapy can always make something more challenging!

Dr. Samantha Peters PT, DPT, ATC of Rosi Physiotherapy was a member of a research group in Ohio that studied the retention of gains made by individuals that had completed LSVT BIG®. Her study showed that people had continued improvements in mobility, lower body strength, balance and endurance for up to 27 months after completing the LSVT BIG® program. Don’t hesitate to start this completely safe and research proven effective therapy treatment! It is never too early or too late to start therapy.

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