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“Was able to see Dr. Rosi same day here in Palm Desert on a Saturday. I had put my back out badly and he gave me an amazing initial assessment. I had my very first cupping experience to relieve so pressure. Then he went to work re-aligning me and coming up with a series of recovery exercises for me while here on vacation. I’ve never had such a thorough and caring experience! A day later and as he said I’m way better already. Would highly recommend him.”

“Dr. Sam was professional as well as very well educated about Parkinson’s and the LSVT BIG Program. She was always on time and prepared. She was compassionate yet strong and determined to help in any way possible. We would recommend her highly.”

“Dr. Rosi has MAGIC HANDS! I’m not sure what he does but after I see him I feel so much better!”

“My rotator cuff problems were dealt with recently by Dr. Sam Peters at home….successfully! The at-home aspect made it very easy”

“I have had many problems over the years ranging from shoulder pain, neck pain, back pain and knee pain. No matter what is wrong with me Dr. Brandon Rosi has always got me back to playing golf. He is very good at finding and correcting things I didn’t even know were wrong. I will continue to seek help from him and would recommend him to anyone that wants to get back to an active lifestyle.” 

“Over 2 and half years ago I suffered a very severe facial injury from an accidental fall in my home that resulted in complete facial paralysis on the right side of my face. I was 59 years old at the time. This injury was extremely debilitating and resulted in a chronic nerve pain that kept me from living a normal life. I couldn’t speak well, chew or swallow properly for the first 2 years. I went to several specialists, including a neurologist that all told me the same thing. It was a damaged nerve that might subside at some point in time but never knew when. Medication didn’t help. Nothing did. I had literally given up hope until I met Dr. SAM.

She was amazing! Within my first session I began feeling results immediately. It literally brought me to tears. With each treatment from Dr. SAM I was beginning to heal more and more. I had suffered 36 months of the chronic throbbing, burning and stabbing sensations that damaged nerves and muscles can cause and truly believed I could never be pain free again. But after her treatments, I am. I cannot speak highly enough of how she changed my life. She changed it by giving it back to me! If you are injured and/or suffer from chronic pain disorders, I suggest you seek the assistance of Dr. SAM. You will be glad you did. I know I sure am. DJ FROM PALM DESERT, CA.”


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