Physiotherapy: Swap Injections for Repetitions

Often, we have patients calling seeking treatment for an injury that is misdiagnosed. Many times patients look for initial treatment from their primary care physician. This results in an injection, addition of a medication, or imaging studies (i.e., X-Ray, MRI). Unfortunately after a few weeks and no relief the patient is left disappointed and worst yet, still in pain.

Rosi Physiotherapy is here to help! Our team of Doctors of Physical Therapy are trained to evaluate and manage your joint pain so you can continue to do the things you love.  Although you do not need a prescription from your physician, we work closely with your healthcare team to give our patients the highest level of care possible.  We work with doctors all day long, whether its an orthopedic surgeon, neurologist, family practitioner or your Doctor of Osteopath. But, did you know that most of your medical providers have absolutely no idea what we [physical therapist] can do for their patients?  Thats right. Physicians ask us what we do to help patients. Did you know that physical therapist can now see a patient directly off the street with no prior appointment with your physician?

The American Medical Association has agreed that  Doctors of Physiotherapy have advanced training and understanding of pathology. This allows a Doctor of Physical Therapy to treat patients directly without a prior physician exam. Don’t worry, if you ever present with signs outside of the physical therapist training they are required to refer you to the appropriate healthcare professional. This is called Direct Access and has been adopted in the state of California beginning Jan 1st, 2014. (Actually all 50 states have Direct Access)

Great, now you know a Doctor of Physiotherapy can treat you directly. But what exactly will a physical therapist do for you?

Physical Therapy a.k.a Physiotherapy

Physical Therapist, mostly known as Physiotherapist is a physical medicine and rehabilitation specialist that treat conditions of the body and joint disorders. Physiotherapists are highly educated, licensed healthcare professionals that help patients reduce pain and restore mobility—in many cases without surgery and reducing the need for prescription medication.

Physical Therapist:
  • Diagnose and manage movement disorders
  • Enhance physical capabilities
  • Restore, maintain, and promote function
  • Promote wellness and fitness as it relates to improve quality of life
  • Prevent the onset, symptoms, and progressions of impairments and limitations that result from disease or trauma

I know what you’re thinking. “That sounds great and all, but how can they help ME”?

If you have pain, but you don’t want to take prescription drugs or have an expensive surgery then you should schedule an evaluation with our Doctors of Physical Therapy.  Schedule your appointment here

Or maybe you don’t have pain; we can still help. Our doctors treat patients all the time that don’t report any pain. That can range anywhere from degenerative diseases to wellness programming to get you back into shape and feeling your best.

Look HERE for a list of some conditions we treat

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  1. I’ve been feeling sick, and I’m not sure how to fix it. I didn’t know that this kind of thing could often be fixed with physiotherapy! That would definitely be nice, since I’m not a big fan of injections. I’ll have to talk to a physiotherapist to see what they can do.

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