The most common question we get before a new patient signs up is “will my insurance cover this”?

Answer— YES!

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Quality Care Treatments

At Rosi Physiotherapy we are a QUALITY-driven practice. The difference is apparent in how our Doctors treat you compared to the other guys. Have you had physical therapy in the past that you saw different therapist each visit? Only saw the physical therapist on the first and last day and saw an assistant for everything in between? Have you been left on a bike for ten minutes or even longer? Does your therapist spend more time conversing with other therapists, or writing documentation notes when they should be treating you? Well that’s because you are just another spoke in the PT Mill Wheel. That is, a physical therapy practice that treats numerous patients at the same time, and often has a new patient coming in every 30 minutes. Sadly, this is normally because the insurance companies are paying very little for what services are being provided.

Think about it. Your premiums have risen and your insurance benefits have gotten worse. Did you know that UnitedHealth Group Inc. is expected to report income revenue of over $200Billion for the year of 2017? That’s Billion with a “B”. Do you think your insurance company cares if you get better or not? Their system is designed to make their profit margin higher regardless of your expense.

The “standard” Physical Therapy Clinic

When you go in to see your local physical therapist you tell him/her how bad your pain is. You turn your neck it spasms and you have a sharp feeling down your spine and left shoulder. While you are concerned you may have having a heart attack, or a severe bulging disc in your neck (because Dr. Google is never wrong). Your physical therapist is looking at how much money your insurance is willing to pay and will prescribe a plan of care based on that.

Why let your insurance company put that limitation on YOU? It’s YOUR body. YOU have paid a lot of money for your insurance. YOU should be able to use it, AND get high quality care at the same time! That is why Rosi Physiotherapy has decided to provide physical therapy services out-of-network. The does not mean you cannot use your insurance. This means we do not bill your insurance directly on your behalf. For further understanding of this topic, please read our post “Does My Insurance Cover That”?

Its your money, use it the way you want to

Rosi Physiotherapy is a QUALITY-driven practice. That means your care is the most important to us. The choice is YOURS! YOU get to decide how important YOUR health is. Our Doctors of Physical Therapy provide undivided attention and specialized treatment approach to get you pain free as quickly as possible. And when you are done with therapy, our team will work hard to assist with your insurance claims to get you reimbursed.

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