Yoga has long been around for well over 4000 years with its origin in India. There are four principles that make up the practice of yoga including physical postures, breathing technique, relaxation and meditation. Yoga is a full-body exercise program that includes calming of the mind and spirit, strengthening of muscles and increasing flexibility. Yoga has easily gained devoted members because of the multiple health benefits experienced. Medical studies found that Yoga can increase strength, flexibility, and balance as well as improve emotions. Yoga also has positive affects on heart function with benefits including decreasing resting heart rate and blood pressure.

Most Yoga poses engage muscles that improve trunk and core stability as well as posture. Yoga is a versatile exercise program for men and women of all ages. Many places offer a variety of Yoga classes based on skill level or age. Poses can be modified for less flexible individuals or those with balance difficulties.


Although Pilates has not been around for as long as Yoga, it still has roots stemming from the early 1900’s. The practice of Pilates is based on six ideas including concentration, control, centering, flowing movement, precision and breathing. Pilates has many enthusiasts that praise the benefits of its exercise program. Medical research has shown that Pilates increases lower body strength, dynamic balance and mobility. Pilates decreases anxiety and depression. One of the key benefit improving core strength. Pilates also has different classes based on skill level, strength and flexibility.

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Personal preference and interests play a huge role in which you will find more enjoyable. Truly there is no wrong answer. Try one, if you don’t like it, try the other!

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