About Us

Direct Patient Care

At Rosi Physiotherapy all treatments are 60-90 minutes one-on-one with a Doctor of Physical Therapy. Never see a physical therapy assistant, aide or technician. Your health deserves an expert so we provide you a Doctor EVERY TIME. As a team, your Doctor of Physical Therapy and YOU will decide the best plan to reach and exceed your goals.


Never have a treatment cut short.  

Never share your visit with another patient.

Never perform an activity not specifically designed for your care.

Never will we waste your time with modalities that will not promote your healing process. 

Endless Possibilities

We proudly are a direct care practice, which means our treatments are not limited by health insurance companies. Your health insurance authorizes and approves visits based on what will save them the most money. At Rosi Physiotherapy we do not agree with this approach, we believe you should always get the best care available. Because of this we decided to go out of network with all insurance providers.  This gives us the ability to provide the highest quality of care to get you moving and feeling your best as soon as possible.