Aquatic Therapy

Rosi Physiotherapy’s practice has the unique ability to give you Aquatic Therapy in your own pool! Doctors of Physical Therapy will be in the pool with you, ensuring your safety the entire time. Physiotherapists reduce joint pain, increase motion, and increase strength while in the water.

Don’t pack extra clothes. No wasted therapy time getting changed. Our Doctors come to you!

Is Aquatic Therapy What I Need? 

Aquatic Therapy is an effective treatment when pain is limiting motion, strength, posture or walking. Water is helpful when you have a lot of weakness and are unable to move without assistance. If you are having more trouble doing things in your normal routine, or had to change your daily activities rehabilitation is what you need. 

Common conditions that benefit from Aquatic Therapy include arthritis, low back pain, degenerative disc disease, fibromyalgia, total joint replacements and many more! 

It is very important that your water therapy program is directed by a Doctor of Physical Therapy to keep you safe. Physical Therapists are experts at getting you stronger in a safe and effective way. Only Physiotherapists have licenses to create rehabilitation programs. You wouldn’t have your manicurist cut and style your hair. Don’t leave your pain in the hands of someone who isn’t an expert!

Our Doctors of Physical Therapy work one on one with you directly in the water. Never share a session with another patient, or just get told what to do. Our Doctors will be at your side every step of the way. 

Benefits of Aquatic Therapy

  • Reduce compression of the spine
  • Decrease stress on hips and knees
  • Eliminate pain with movement
  • Prevent the loss of muscle mass
  • Assist with the speed of rehab
  • Reduce the risk of falling
  • Provide a safe place for injured joints to heal