Doctor of Physical Therapy providing joint mobilization of the left knee on a woman supine on plinth

Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy Evaluation and Treatment. In the clinic or at your home.

Are you looking for someone that understands your diagnosis and can provide hope to improve your quality of life? 

We provide a comprehensive evaluation with personalized one on one treatment sessions guided by your goals and the latest evidence to get you where you want to be. Physical Therapist specialize in evaluation of falls, gait and balance disorders, neuromuscular conditions such as Parkinson's Disease, stroke recovery, Traumatic Brain Injury, Multiple Sclerosis,  orthopedics and sports performance and in health and wellness. We serve people of all ages and broad range of conditions. Our providers are expertly trained to perform a complete review of system, analyze diagnostic test ordered from your physician or surgeon (X-Ray, MRI, CT Scan, EMG/Nerve Conduction study), and identify the true cause to your problem and get you on a path to recovery.  We understand that your time is valuable so on your free phone consultation we will briefly discuss your condition and decide if we are able to help you.  Unlike most practices, we don't just schedule you on the next available appointment with any therapist. Instead, we place you with the doctor that specializes in your condition in order to get you better as soon as possible. 

During your initial evaluation you will be greeted by your doctor and they will walk you through the "intro packet" (medical history and consent forms) and answer any questions you may have about your care, and begin treatment right away! After the end of your first session your doctor will deliver the "Plan of Care". That is, a treatment prescription including frequency and planned interventions based on the most recent evidence and their expertise to help you obtain your goals with therapy. Sessions are 60-90 minutes with direct care by your Doctor of Physical Therapy. Please remember to wear loose fitting clothes that permit you to move freely. 

Who will benefit? 

  • The individual looking to improve their physical mobility.
  • The individual looking for an approach that combines a movement analysis and performance training to address your pain.
  • Someone who wants to get better without taking another pill, or reduce the number of pills you are currently taking. 
  • For our patients with Parkinson's Disease: We offer LSVT BIG, an intensive movement based program designed to increase your speed and safety with movement. 

What is Physical Therapy 2.0? 

The old form of physical therapy consisted of getting a script from your physician, treating patients 3 times per week for 12 plus weeks. Most of those visits were with untrained and unlicensed personnel and an abundance of passive modalities (therapeutic ultrasound, TENS, e-stim, laser, hot/cold packs) to increase billing opportunities and see multiple patients at once. The system is broken and is designed to keep you from getting better.  

Enter Physical Therapy 2.0

This is the new form of physical therapy. We treat our patients based on your goals and best clinical practice.   We do not use heat or ice in the clinic as this can be done at home. We utilize our time to educate you, the patient, how to decrease your pain and manage your symptoms on your own. Many times this will require less visits than the traditional model and let you get back to doing the things you love.